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Organize the chaos and focus on your business.
Clutterpad is an online project management app that keeps everyone
going in the same direction: Getting your project completed.
To-do Lists
On time. Every time. Manage to-do lists and find out who has to do what and by when. No more chasing up to see if your colleagues have completed their tasks. Just add the to-dos on Clutterpad, assign them and get notified when they're complete!
Re. Re. No more email ping-pong. Instead of cluttering up your inbox, post a message to Clutterpad. Everyone in the project can then comment on the message. This keeps your inbox clutter-free and your messages will all be sorted according to topic, easy to find and read later.
Who said what, to whom and when? Clutterpad keeps all your contacts in one location for you and your team. No more Whats the printers number? or What was the last quote? when Jane's away on vacation!
Share your events with the rest of the team and check who's free or busy in a flash. Each calendar can be color-coded to make it easy to see different people's appointments.
Create text documents together. Compare versions easily. Work together with your team on a text document with Writepad. Multiple people can edit the same document, and Writepad gives you an easy way to compare versions.
Been to a meeting and forgotten that crucial document? Fed up of sending files by email and then spending time looking for them? With Clutterpad, just log in from anywhere you have Internet and download the file.

Know whats going on. Always.
Clutterpad helps you keep your finger on the pulse, even when you're not around. With one glance you can see an overview of who's done what, what's been said and what’s been shared. Monitor the heartbeat of all your projects from one page. If you want to know more, just click.

Clutterpad loves mobiles.
Don't miss the action while you're away from your desk! Clutterpad has been built from the ground up to make it easy for you to use on the go. Tablets and smartphones, Android, Windows and iOS devices are all supported.
For only $97/month
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 1GB File Storage
Clutterpad is much simpler than Basecamp. I found that you have to go through TONS of steps to get a simple task list set up in Basecamp, whereas it's very simple in Clutterpad.
— Eric Berry, Solid Core Solutions.
A user-friendly, all-inclusive project management app for your team, Clutterpad is a great way to go its feature set has pretty much everything you'd be looking for.
— Leslie A Joy, Work Awesome.
Having used Basecamp and tried Clutterpad, I have to say that Clutterpad blows it out of the water.
— Tamar Weinberg.
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